Getting Started

Urbana University’s Admissions team guides you through every step of the process. There are no fees required. The admission process reflects Urbana University’s efforts to clearly identify the performance standards that can help predict student success in graduate level study. We set you up to succeed – from start to finish.

Before You Apply

Talk with your school principal to:

  • Determine the qualifications necessary to teach a College Credit Plus course. Requirements are unique to individuals, based on your past education and the district where you teach. Verify with Urbana University, or your other sponsoring University, that the graduate course(s) meet your individual requirements.
  • Request a letter of recommendation from your prinicpal, supporting your pursuit of graduate credits for College Credit Plus. You will be required to submit the letter with your application for admission.
  • Find out if your school qualifies for the grant.   
    • If you qualify for the grant, you may be eligible for full tuition and books through 2017.
    • If you don’t qualify for the grant, you can still benefit from reduced tuition costs of $400 per credit hour and the convenience of completing your courses online, and take advantage of the reduced book rate of $60 per course through 2020

The Admission Process

1. Complete our online admission application. When asked for your degree program, choose “College Level Credential.”

2. Email or mail supplemental materials to complete your application:

  • Post-secondary transcripts, verifying completion of a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) and completion of a master’s degree (or equivalent), as well as any additional master’s-level coursework.
  • Letter of recommendation from your school district
  • Résumé that includes three professional or academic references

To email the materials send to:

To mail copies send to:
Office of Graduate Admissions
579 College Way
Urbana, OH 43078

3. The Office of Graduate Admissions will notify you of your acceptance into the program and the status of your grant funds – if applicable. 

Note: This application process does not satisfy admission requirements for degree-seeking individuals. If you are applying for a full master’s degree program, please speak with your admissions advisor and visit the program page for a complete list of admission requirements. 

Join the Collaboration Community

As a member of the Urbana’s CCP teaching community, you will interact with your peers as part of an online community to share best practices, enhance college-level pedagogy, establish an assessment-based culture, and promote teaching effectiveness.

Registering for Classes

Look for your graduate acceptance packet in the mail. The packet includes instructions on how to get registered for your courses using our online self-service system.

As you prepare for registration, carefully review all of the financial resources available. You can reduce the overall cost of your education with the options below.

College Credit Plus Grant:

  • Teachers who are recommended by their school district and submit application materials to Franklin University are automatically considered for full funding. There is no additional grant application, and you are not required to submit the FASFA. 
  • An admissions advisor will contact you prior to registering for classes about your award status, confirming whether you received full funding or reduced tuition.

School Reimbursement:

  • Urbana University encourages teachers to speak with their principals about alternative funding options for graduate education. You may qualify for professional development funds within your district.

Individual Payment:

  • All expenses not covered by the College Credit Plus grant or reimbursable by your district, will require individual payment. 
  • Federal assistance is not available to non-degree seeking students. However, if you are pursuing a full degree program in addition to College Credit Plus credentials, you may submit the FASFA to request federal assistance.
  • Tuition and fees for all students are due by the first day of the semester.